My work originates from two very different sources. One comes from my fondness for the natural world of native plants and the environment. It developed from my formative years growing up in Missouri in a family that spent many hours enjoying outdoor activities. Native plants have not only become a link to the environment I love but also the vehicle for composing my drawings, paintings, and sculpture. My most recent body of work is based on drawings of the native plants and trees in and around the beautiful Terwilliger Boulevard here in Portland, Oregon.

The second source for my work comes from found objects such as metal hardware and mechanical items found in the built world. My fondness for these objects began during undergraduate school. A repairman left a solenoid valve behind after repairing our washing machine. I discovered it, found it interesting, and used it in a painting. After that I began working with various found objects in assemblages and low relief wall sculptures.

Finding a balance between these two worlds where organic is at one end of a scale and mechanical is at the other end is a challenge I enjoy. In my most recent work the subject matter is organic but counterbalanced with the use of precision and stylization.