My work comes from two very different sources. One is the natural world of plant life. The other is found objects such as metal hardware and mechanical parts from the built world.

I use shapes derived from plants as the vehicle for the composition of my drawings, paintings, and sculptures. I find them in fields and woodlands where I draw directly from the species I choose. The drawings, whether on paper or canvas, are composed of a single graphite line woven, looped, and knotted on the surface in quick fashion, and expressing the shapes, patterns, rhythms, and movement I find in my search.

With the found objects I construct assemblages and low relief wall sculptures. They also produce interesting shapes, patterns, rhythms, and movement through construction and placement of the objects.

Balance is an important part of my work as I combine the organic and the mechanical shapes in some degree of harmony. At times the work is nearer the natural side of the spectrum and at others is closer to the man-made side. It can also be an equal balance of both.