Sue Friesz is an American artist, born in the State of Missouri. She holds a
Bachelor of Arts from the University of Missouri Kansas City and a Master of Arts
in Studio Art from the University of Central Missouri. She is a member of the Phi
Kappa Phi Honor Society.

Sue’s work has been in solo as well as group exhibitions and is included in
corporate and private collections. She has won grants from the Avenue of the
Arts Foundation and Public Arts Commission in Kansas City, MO. and received a
fellowship from Edwin Austin Abbey Memorial Fund, NYC.

Sue spent the latter part of the 1990’s living in Asuncion, Paraguay; Curitiba,
Brazil; and Beni Suef, Egypt, returning to Kansas City in 2000. In 2012 she
moved to Portland, Oregon, where she took part in the PDX Window Project, was
selected to participate in the Salon: Portland2016 Biennial, The Studio Visits with
Michelle Grabner. Sue had a sculpture, Planta Triformis, included in Gallery

Without Walls in Lake Oswego, and was invited to exhibit at Blackfish Gallery.
Sue now lives in Newport, Oregon, where she maintains a studio.



The shapes I use in my work come from two sources; one through my
observation in the natural world, the other as found objects in my daily life.

These shapes are derived from my observation in nature and urban life. They
become a vehicle for the compositions in my work. I find them in fields,
woodlands, and vacant lots where I work from the same species on multiple
works to reinforce these subtle shapes. Repetition of the shapes creates patterns
and patterns create rhythms, suggesting movement. Rhythms also knit the work
together visually in an almost lyrical way.

When I initially observe objects in nature or urban life my purpose is to extract
their distinctive rhythms and patterns into my work. It could be the north wind
causing a species of plants to curl their leaves all in the same way or the
placement of identical bolts in a machine; in either case, the patterns and
rhythms begin to surface. It is that pulse and movement that I look for.



(coming soon)